Laura Robersonin taiteellisen työskentelyn sanallistamista käsittelevä työpaja

Aika: pe 5.4.2024 klo 14–17
Paikka: verkossa (Teams)

Vielä ehtii ilmoittautua taiteellisen työskentelyn sanallistamista käsittelevään työpajaan, joka on perjantaina 5.4.2024 klo 14–17 Teamsissa.

Ilmoittaudu tiistaihin 2.4. mennessä: https://painters.gruppo.fi/online-applications/index.php/836238

Taiteellisen työskentelyn sanallistamista käsittelevä työpaja

Finnish Painters -hanke järjestää yhteistyössä Finnish Art Agencyn kanssa taiteellisen työskentelyn sanallistamista käsittelevän työpajan verkossa pe 5.4.2024 klo 14–17. Työpaja on avoin kaikille Taidemaalariliiton jäsenille. Työpaja on englanninkielinen.

Online workshop with Laura Robertson: Would you like to be more confidant in speaking or writing about your art? What tips can an art critic tell you for a successful portfolio meetings, grant applications or other professional occasions? How to build a story about your paintings or exhibition – could writing help in this? Let Laura’s fantastic guidance help you verbalise your processes through writing exercises and practical info.  Laura is an experienced lecturer and writer and you will also have an opportunity to make direct questions to her during the session!

Laura Robertson (UK) is an art critic, editor and lecturer based in Liverpool, represented by United Agents, London. She writes critically and creatively about art for international magazines, including Art Monthly, a-n, ArtReview, Elephant, frieze and Hyperallergic, and she’s a regular guest critic on the national arts and culture show, BBC Radio 4 Front Row.
She has a MA in Writing from the Royal College of Art, London, and a first-class BA in Visual Art (text and sound art) from the University of Salford, Greater Manchester.
She co-founded The Double Negative online magazine with Mike Pinnington in 2011, and has been commissioning and platforming under-the-radar people, projects and places ever since – including under-represented and early-career culture writers from the North of England.

Join workshop on the 5th of April at 2pm until 5pm with 15min break.

Register for the workshop by Tue 2.4. (23.59): https://painters.gruppo.fi/online-applications/index.php/836238

More info: Saija Koponen, producer, [email protected]