Astrid Strömberg


17.11.2021 — 5.12.2021


ti, to, pe 11-17, ke 11-18,
la 11-16, su 12-16

Tales from the land of Oblivion (Berättelser från landet Glömska) accommodate thoughts regarding narration (story telling), popular culture and painting. I am interested in pictures, especially pictures of figures and signals derived from the online realm where they move in a speed and plentiness that has no limit. The shapes, colours, figures all tell a story, a story told with a narrator changing and twisting the plot as it suits her. Unreliable but yet alluring.

I work with painting and what I call installed painting. I tend to simplify, crop, zoom in and seek for flatness in my paintings/installations, like a cartoon’s flat aesthetics. I operate in sets, or in bodys, of works where there is a continuation from one matter to another. My working process contains an ounce of obsession over a phenomenon I have consumed, usually from popular culture. What interests me is the mixture of emotions and images, that are woven together into an associativ play. Feelings of awkwardness, contradictions and playfulness are often the thing I go for.


Näyttelyä ovat tukeneet Svenska Litteratursällskapet, Taiteen edistämiskeskus ja Svenska Kulturfonden.