Art Fair Suomi Goes Galleries 2023 – throwing galleries open all over Finland

Descendant of Lilith (detail) 2021, oil on canvas, 200 cm x 170 cm. Photo by Icaro Zorbar. Taru Kallio: Susanna’s Garden, tm•gallery 7.6.–1.7.2023

Art Fair Suomi Goes Galleries 2023 – throwing galleries open all over Finland

AFS23 welcomes contemporary art lovers 6–18 June 2023!

For the first time in its history, Art Fair Suomi expands from the Helsinki region to cover the entire country. Featuring 30 galleries, approximately one hundred artists and dozens of exhibitions, AFS23 gives audiences from the toe to the tip of the country a unique opportunity to view topical works of contemporary art.

Fancy an experimental music gig by DJ Hämärä at Taidekeskus Ida in Lappeenranta or a weekend of events blending performance with music and sound art at Art Block (Taidekortteli) in Helsinki? Or how about a visit to Gallery Huuto in Kalasatama, Helsinki, or Art Rental Shop Parsi in Seinäjoki?

Art Fair Suomi is a contemporary art festival that places artists and art spaces in the forefront. While galleries allow you to enjoy art for free, they also do important work in promoting contemporary art and artists. As Art Fair Suomi celebrates the diversity of the visual arts scene everywhere in Finland it also promotes the visibility of the venues and content of art. The galleries are open to all – join us to experience, live and be inspired by contemporary art!

Let yourself be seduced by contemporary art at Art Fair Suomi!

A feast of topical new art

Alongside exhibitions of exciting art, AFS23 features also discussions and meetings with artists that allow the audience to delve deeper into the practices and themes of today’s art. The participating galleries and art spaces present programmes of performances, concerts and other events.

AFS23 turns the spotlight on galleries and collectives that are part of the backbone of the visual arts scene in Finland, giving the audience a chance to see for themselves what’s cooking in the art field right now. The spectrum of festival galleries is huge, ranging from private spaces to galleries run by institutions to artist-run project spaces.

In 2023 Art Fair Suomi also features Outsider Art for the first time, giving you a precious view of the fascinating world of contemporary folk art. The featured shows include the Fish and Fowl! exhibition in Rauma and Finnish ITE art in Parkano.
The AFS23 presents also a series of online talks in which artists discuss their views on art and their practices. Guided tours in Helsinki make it easy to view art and meet the artist.

A visitor survey will be conducted during the festival to gather valuable information about fans of contemporary art and their preferences.

The opening of the festival will take place on 6 June 2023.

With a few exceptions, admission to exhibitions and events is free.

For more information, visit the AFS23 website at
Artists of festival can be found here:

Participating galleries

Taidekeskus Ahjo
Järvenpään Taidetalo
Galleria Becker
Höyry-galleria, Korpilahti
Galleria Ars Libera
Taidekeskus Itä
Galleria Tärinä
Taidelainaamo Parsi
Galleria Rajatila

Forum Box
Galleria G
Galleria Halmetoja
Galleria Hippolyte
Galleria Huuto
Galleria Kuvitus
Galleria Pirkko-Liisa Topelius
Galleria Sculptor
Galleria Katariina and HAA-galleria
MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre
Art Block (Taidekortteli)
Tischenko Gallery
Vargas Print Studio


Alpo’s Savannah by Alpo Koivumäki, Dork Park, Edvin’s Path, Erkki Niemi’s Garden of Experiences, Erkki Pekkarinen’s Bark Giant, Gallery Kompuuki in Salo, Fish and fowl! exhibition in Rauma, HugoITE – Hugo Kivinen’s outsider art sculptures, Ilmiö –chainsaw sculpture national tournament in Nurmijärvi, ITE and the Bug exhibition in Parkano, Jautlandia, Johannes Ivakko’s sculptures on Radiomäki hill, Jokipolku Kulttuurihuussi, Kaijansaari Art Chapel, Kimara art path in Tuusula, Kivijärvi cherry garden, Kodiksami’s Protected village, Koli Sculpture Garden, Kyösti Iitti’s Angel Park, Land of the enchanted frost, Sirkka Nurmi’s rose castle, Marko Ruuskanen’s bird houses, Matti Järvenpää’s Iron Park, Onnela – The realm of the Junk Princess, Parikkala Sculpture Park, Peltokivipyramidi and Pyramidipiknik, Ritva Nurmi’s Cowshed Gallery, Ronttopuisto Park, Savannah gallery – Esa Leppänen’s art, Sculptures on the Strömma Canal, Söderkulla stone art sculpture, Teuvo Jalonen’s half-hectare forest, The Globe Statue in Mahlu, The Land of Thousand Beras, Villa Mehu by Elis Sinistö, Wooden sculptures in Kauniainen


The Art Fair Suomi contemporary art festival has been organised since 2005 by Artists’ Association MUU and Union of Artist Photographers in Finland. Since 2020, the festival organisers have also included other national visual artists’ organisations: Association of Finnish Sculptors, Association of Finnish Printmakers, Finnish Painters’ Union, and the Union of Finnish Art Associations.

Enquiries and interview requests

Annika Dahlsten, AFS23 coordinator, 040 517 1750, [email protected]
Henna Harri, director, Association of Photographic Artists, 040 591 0770, [email protected]
Timo Soppela, director, MUU ry, [email protected]