• Taiteilija: Katja Tukiainen
  • Y-tunnus: Kyllä
  • Julkiset teokset:

    2020 "Sky & Earth", mural, in The New Women's Prison in Hämeelinna. The artwork is comissioned by State Art Commission Finland.

    2009 "Secret Garden", thirteen murals & 50 ceiling characters, HUS Children's Hospital, Helsinki.

  • Esittely:

    Katja Tukiainen, born 1969, Pori. Katja got well known for her pink girl paintings and comics already in the end of 1990’s. Katja’s painted degree for The Doctor of Fine Arts at The Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki is called The Girl Army –Narrative painting in space. She is painting with oil on linen but uses also spray paint as a memory from her paintings she made as a teen rebellion. The girls in her paintings are both innocent and sassy, and she wants to create places of open-minded humanity with her paintings.

CV, Katja Tukiainen