Sales Event


Participation Instructions

At the Cable Factory’s Merikaapelihalli on March 12-20. and online Feb. 18 – April 18.

The sales event, open to all members of the Finnish Painters’ Union, will once again be held at the Cable Factory’s Merikaapelihalli and online at A maximum of five works can be for sale, two of which are on display at the Cable Factory and three online.

Cable factory 1-2 works:

  • Two works with a maximum side length of 250 cm.
  • One work If the painting is more than 250 cm in size.
  • The longest side of the work must not exceed 300 cm.
  • Works notified to the cable factory that are up to 120 cm in size may also remain on the website aftersale until 18 April.

Online sales of 1-3 works:

  • The longest side of the painting can be up to 120 cm.
  • The artist must be between 18 February and 19 April ready to package and send the sold work to the customer.
  • During pre-sale, February 18-28. Reservations can be made for online sales works, in which case they will be delivered to Kaapelitehdas.


Registration Mon 17.1.– Mon 31.1.

If multiple registrations are made from the same computer, it is recommended that you use the browser in private browsing mode. You may want to close and clear your browsing history before logging in again. A successful registration confirmation will be sent to you via email.

A paper form can be used to register if there are force majeure difficulties with electronic registration. The form can be obtained from the office of the Finnish Painters’ Union or by post upon request. The paper form will be submitted no later than 31 January. by 4 pm to the address: tm gallery / Teosvälitys, Erottajankatu 9 B, 00130 Helsinki. Participation in online sales requires access to e-mail.

The registration form closes on Monday 31.1. at 11:59 p.m.


Delivery of works to the Cable Factory Mon 7.3. 4 pm-8pm and Tue 8.3. 9 a.m.-12 p.m.

Pick-up and return transport of works from the Cable factory Sun 20.3. 17.30-19 and Mon 21.3. 10 am-7pm.

Kaapelitehdas, Merikaapelihalli, Tallberginkatu 1 C, 00180 Helsinki. Address to be used for shipments of works and transport by car: Kaapelitehdas, Merikaapelihalli, Tammasaarenlaituri 5, 00180 Helsinki. Telephone number to be used for shipping: 044 544 4449. Sales Event open for public: Sat 12.3. – su 20.3.2022. Opening hours: Mon – Fri 12–18, Sat – Sun 11–17.


  • Image file naming instructions: firstname_lastname_artworkname.jpg
  • Image file size: 1-3 MB
  • File format: jpg

Pictures of the work will be uploaded when filling in the registration form. The shorter side of the image must be at least 1080 pixels and the file size must be 1-3 megabytes. The image of the work must be a pre-cropped jpg file, the images will not be processed by the Finnish Painters’ Association. For online sales, in addition to the actual strictly cropped image of the work, there may be 1-2 images in which the work is more loosely cropped and displayed from a different angle. Special attention should be paid to the technical quality of the images (sharpness, brightness, colors). A painting is often sold solely on the basis of a image.


In connection with the registration, the artist chooses which works will come to the Cable Factory and which will be available for sale online. If desired, the artist can also participate only in the Cable Factory event, or only in online sales. If the artist hopes that his or her works will only be available for sale at the Cable Factory without online pre-sale and purchase functions, or that the works will not remain for sale online after the event at the Cable Factory, please email [email protected].

The customer has a 14-day right of exchange and return in accordance with the Finnish Consumer Protection Act in online transactions. If the artist does not accept the possibility of returning his works, it will not be possible to participate in online sales. When participating in online sales, the artist must be ready to package and send the sold works to the customer between 18 February and 19 April. The artist must be in Finland, or alternatively arrange for the works to be transported from Finland during the event. Sold works cannot be sent to a customer in Finland from abroad. The artist participating in the online sale must have a valid email address and access to the printer.


  • The Finnish Painters’ Association’s commission for online sales and at the Cable Factory is 33% of the Vat-free sales price of the work, including frames.
  • In online sales, the customer has a 14-day right of return.
  • Works notified to the cable factory that remain online for aftersales are for sale under the exclusive right of the Finnish Painters’ Association from 31 January to 19 April 2022
  • Works notified to the cable factory that do not remain online for aftersale are for sale on the exclusive right of the Finnish Painters’ Association from 31 January to 20 March 2022
  • The works announced for online sale are for sale under the exclusive right of the Finnish Painters’ Association from 31 January to 19 April 2022
  • Only works registered within the registration period will be sold for sale at the Sales Event, with the exception of additions to sold works.
  • All matters relating to the times and methods of sale of works must be agreed by e-mail within the registration period.
  • In online sales, the Finnish Painters’ Association takes care of the transport costs from the transport office to the customer.
  • The Finnish Painters’ Association insures the sold work from the transport office to the customer during transport.
  • The Finnish Painters’ Association does not insure works during the Cable Factory event. The artist is responsible for any damage that occurs during the event or transportation related to the event. Only the transport of the sold works to the customer is insured on behalf of the association.
  • The work must have a hanging wire that can support the weight of the work. The artist is responsible for the damage caused by the fall of his own work.
  • We will immediately notify the artist if all of his or her works on display have been sold at the Cable Factory, in which case the artist may bring 1-2 works more up to Friday 18 March.
  • Many customers want to purchase a work in installments. If you do not want to sell the works on an interest-free installment agreement, you must notify us by e-mail.
  • It is important to ensure that the works are not for sale elsewhere at the same time, for example in an online store or on the gallery’s website. It is not possible to exchange the submitted works after the end of the registration period.
  • Only original works will be sold at the sales event. Posters and gicle prints, etc. reproductions from the original work will not be sold.
  • The main partner of the event is Intrum. There is a presentation of the main partner in the entrance hall.


Pekka Parviainen, Project Manager, Finnish Painters’ Union, 044 544 4449, [email protected]