Pekka Homanen, Jukka Peltosaari, Matti Rantanen

7.7.2021 — 31.7.2021


Tue, Thu, Fri 11-5pm, Wed 11-6pm
Sat 11-4pm, closed on Sundays

Pekka Homanen


Levels painting series illustrates the problem posed by bullying. In the works, I do not limit the theme on the basis of any separate area, but rather deal with the subject as diverse as possible. Friction between people, a human relationship with animals, or, for example, bullying in the workplace and in the end getting out of a difficult situation. I build my work with the mathematical formula 1 + 1 = 3. There are a lot of variables in it so absolute truth between each ear. My works are like life itself, well planned but the end result completely unpredictable.