Finnish Painters’ Union

Founded in 1929, the Finnish Painters’ Union is a nation-wide organisation of professional painters. It promotes visual arts and the professional and social interests of artists and provides its members with various services, such as guidance in legal matters. Members regularly receive newsletters covering current issues. The Union also serves as an expert body for authorities.

Based in Helsinki, its functions include a gallery and an art materials and supplies store. The Union collaborates with The Association of Finnish Sculptors, Society of Finnish Graphic Artists, Union of Artist Photographers, Union of Finnish Art Associations, and The Artists’ Association of Finland.



The Union has about 1 550 members. A person who is professionally merited as a visual artist can be admitted as a full member. A person who is professionally competent can be admitted as a candidate member. Please see the membership applications page for more details.


The supreme decision-making body of the Union is the general meeting. Every member has the right to participate in the general meeting which is held twice a year. The executive body is the board of directors elected by the members; its term is two years.