Gunzi Holmström


12.1.2022 — 30.1.2022

My paintings describe an extended reality, where heaven and earth are one, and separation just an illusion. In the paintings I combine realistic elements with abstract symbols to try to depict the forces that affect our existence. I am interested in symbolism, different spiritual traditions, magical realism and the visual narrative in medieval religious art. The exhibition consists of oil paintings.

The problems we have today regarding the ecological balance affect every person’s life. It is basically a matter of our spiritual health. Our life choices can be good or bad. We can choose between soiling and destroying, or we can choose to cherish and nurture. The choice is free. In my works there is the idea that all life is sacred, and that all life is consciousness.

I thank Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the Héléne and Walter Grönqvist Foundation for their support of my artistic work.

Gunzi Holmström


CV, Gunzi Holmström