Finnish Painters -project

Saastamoinen Foundation grants 20,000 euros to the Finnish Painters -project

Press release 4.6.2021

The Finnish Painters’ Union has received a grant of 20,000 euros from the Saastamoinen Foundation to promote the international networking of Finnish painters. In addition to the international visibility and networking of Finnish painters, the Finnish Painters -project promotes openness in accessing international activities. The project will develop support services for members of the Finnish Painters’ Union and an English-language website

The finnishpainters -website highlights Finnish painters and the diversity of painting. It will be the first English-language site to present Finnish painters extensively but in a curated way. The site will be released during 2021 and will be piloted for three years.

The Finnish Painters’ Union is a nationwide association of professional painters. The union works to improve the professional and social interests of visual artists and to promote the visual arts. One of the goals of the Finnish Painters’ Union is to increase the international recognition and demand for Finnish contemporary art and painting.

More information: Project Designer Saija Koponen, saija.koponen(a)