The Finnish Cultural Foundation supports the Finnish Painters project

The Finnish Cultural Foundation joins Saastamoinen Foundation as a supporter of the Finnish Painters project

The Finnish Painters project has received a grant of 10,000 euros from the Finnish Cultural Foundation for 2023.

The Finnish Painters project develops the international activities and visibility of Finnish painters, the openness of access to activities, support services for artists, and new contacts and operating models between artists and other actors in the field of visual arts. The Finnish Painters project aim is a space where Finnish contemporary art and painting are internationally known and in demand.

Tamara Piilola, GALAXY (Pacman, Lollies, Nymphaeas), oil and tempera on canvas, 180 cm x 230 cm ,2018. Photo: Angel Gil.

The Finnish Painters project is part of the international operations of the Finnish Painters’ Union. Together they publish the website, which highlights Finnish painters and the diversity of painting, and acts as a channel between international art professionals and Finnish contemporary painters. Its operation is non-commercial, and the service is free for all participants. The website represents over 80 artists, curated from among the Painters’ Union members. It is the first English-language site to present Finnish painters extensively but in a curated way. The website was published in October 2021, which launched a three-year pilot phase of the Finnish Painters project.

The conceptualisation and implementation of the Finnish Painters project between 2021 and 2022 were done with the support of the Saastamoinen Foundation. Furthermore, the foundation continues to fund the piloting of the project in 2023 with a grant of 20,000 euros.

The Finnish Painters’ Union is a nationwide non-profit association of professional painters. The union works to improve visual artists’ professional and social interests and promote the visual arts. One of the goals of the Finnish Painters’ Union is to increase international recognition and demand for Finnish contemporary art and painting.

The Finnish Cultural Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to promoting art and science. The purpose of the Finnish Cultural Foundation is to “promote and develop cultural and economic life” in Finland. In line with this, the Foundation provides grants to individuals and groups working in the sciences and the arts, and to people and organisations in other fields of intellectual and cultural endeavour.

Saastamoinen Foundation is a Finnish foundation that engages in purposeful collaboration with several partners in science, education, art, and culture. It promotes internationality and openness in all its activities. The foundation believes in transparency, internationalisation, expertise, and continuity, and these values shape the support they offer to artists, researchers, art institutions, and ground-breaking scientific projects.  

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