Jussi Pirttioja, Mikko Rekonen

6.7.2022 — 30.7.2022

Jussi Pirttioja:

In my latest works, I have taken influences in my painting work from the mass of images created by artificial intelligence, its inaccuracies, the way it distorts and the inability to understand the content of the material it steals and mutilates from the Internet. Figurativeness, spatiality, texture and abstraction come together in a kind of sprawling language. Frequent blanks are also the garbage “layouts” encountered in the wastelands in my immediate surroundings. I look for ways to naturally cross opposites: organic and urban, symbolic and immediate in the process of new meaning creation.


Mikko Rekonen:

My paintings deal with the existential struggle experienced by an individual. Big questions, like how to find experiences of meaning and feelings of permanence in this messy, addiction-filled world. A person is disturbed by the desire to be freed from moral control and a sense of security. On the other hand, everything, the whole life, can be experienced as senseless and pointless. I try to deal with the tension between these things in my paintings. Painting is a way for me to find control and organization in my life.

CV, Jussi Pirttioja

CV, Mikko Rekonen