Jenni Eskola


24.11.2022 — 11.12.2022


Color is at the center of the exhibition. In her work, Eskola uses light-sensitive vegetable dyes, which she prepares herself. Since 2015, she has been working on a constantly changing and expanding series of paintings (Evergreen), whose material she uses only leaf green. With leaf green, she has been interested in color in recent years. While working for a long time, it seemed like a side effect, but after drifting into organic colors, Eskola is to some extent crazy about their uncontrollability. In her work, she is at a stage where she repeatedly strives for the perfect color, which is unattainable due to its ephemeral nature.


Thank you: Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, City of Tampere – Kulttuurin Välitila



CV, Jenni Eskola