Minjee Hwang Kim


25.1.2024 — 18.2.2024


Tue, Thu, Fri 12-5pm, Wed 12-6pm
Sat 11-4pm, Sun 12-4pm


I sit in front of a drawing board. I look into a small handheld mirror. And I start sketching.

But whom am I drawing?

The drawn face resembles my face. Or, the face that I think is mine.

How do I look?

Maybe the scene has already played out. Maybe not. Maybe never.

Does it matter?

I draw what I want to see rather than what I see through the reflection. I hype the hopes that disappoint me. Is there such a thing as a real, raw self? Or am I built on top of the lies I tell myself?

Minjee Hwang Kim



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