Inka-Maaria Jurvanen


18.1.2023 — 12.2.2023

The theme of the exhibition is the falling apart of a structure. This dissolution happens when our worldview is no longer able to bend in the face of change. The end of faith, the slipping of logic, the withdrawal of knowledge cause crisis, disappointment, suffering. What is selfhood in relation to faith, knowledge, worldview. Are they the same thing. This crisis is a crisis of the self, a crisis of the coherent. We can’t exist without a structure. What will it be like after reassembling – an extension of the old or new and different.

Pencil drawing on plywood has been my technique for a long time. In my new works I have wanted to transfer drawings towards three-dimensionality and installation. In addition to form, three-dimensionality brings with it different levels of time. However, the line remains at the center of everything. It is a meditative entity that gives form, is formed, evaporates and then appears again.



Time is an important element in drawing. Is it possible to produce an experience of both simultaneity and contiguousness through a two-dimensional image. Can the direction of time be altered. How do changes in the drawing trace from sharp to soft affect the drawing.

I am interested in different ways of looking at the world. A worldview consists of structures that are layered, nested, parallel, visible and invisible. These structures are decisive in internalizing and processing experiences. They affect society, the distribution of power, human relationships, values, choices.

My work and drawings are commentary by nature. But at the same time, the act of making and the work itself also become evidence and part of (my) worldview’s structures. Distancing is only possible up to a certain point.

Inka-Maaria Jurvanen


Thank you: Arts Promotion Centre Finland

CV, Inka-Maaria Jurvanen